How To Use Vitamin and Mineral for healthy life

This book reveals how to use vitamins that prevent cancer. Reduce Cholesterol, prevent heart attack, lower high B.P and cholesterol level, prevent aging process, plus antioxidant for healthy life, and vitamins that are good for the Brain

Those who say we donít need vitamins and mineral supplements forget just one fact. And that fact is that you cannot get enough vitamins from your daily diet.

Those who argue that we can get enough vitamins and minerals in our everyday diet donít remember the fact that there are many modern-day habits and activities that destroy the vitamins and minerals that we should be getting.

These modern day activities that destroy or reduce what you should be getting are:

-           OVER HEATING

-           FREEZING


-           TV DINNERS that means you cook food twice.

-           ADDITIVES that prevent the absorption of nutrients.

If the absorption is prevented, it means your body canít ever use them (vitamins) even when they are there.


Habits such as cigarette smoking and chronic alcoholic destroy vitamins C. Environmental pollutants increase daily, most especially in our urban centres. It has been

proved that environmental pollutants increase need for vitamins C and E.

Besides, our soil is depleted of certain key trace minerals due to wrong agricultural practise, over cultivation of the land and erosion. All these translate in cumulative effect to deficiency of vitamins and minerals in our diet. All these deficiencies werenít there in the good old days.

It is obvious from the above that you need vitamins and minerals supplement to take care of those deficiencies, lack and depletion.